Cooperative Association for Promotion of
Kanazawa Kaga Maki-e

Address: 1-10-30, Owari-cho, Kanazawa, 920-0902 JAPAN

Tel: +81-76-232-2770

Fax: +81-76-221-2179

In 1998, business owners and craftsmen who have been carrying on the tradition of Kaga Maki-e in Kanazawa City came together to develop new products geared to modern society. As one result of this endeavor, a high-end watch with a maki-e disk was created in collaboration with BOVET, an up-market watch maker of Switzerland.

With this successful collaboration, we gained momentum and extra motivation to plan and design new products. This groundswell of aspiration manifested itself in the establishment of the Cooperative Association for Promotion of Kanazawa Kaga Maki-e in December 2005.

President Kenji Yoshii President, Yoshii Shyouten Co., Ltd.
Vice President Taro Nakamura President, Nakamura Brewery Co., Ltd.
Senior Director Hiroto Tada President, Wako Co., Ltd.
Director Hiroyuki Nishiyama Senior Managing Director,
Nishiyama Industrial Development Co., Ltd.
Director Isshu Tamura Kaga Maki-e Master
Director Keiichiro Yagi President, Yagi Co., Ltd.
Director Takashi Arai Budo-ka, Artist
Auditor Masaru Nishimura Kaga Maki-e Master, Artist
(Secretary) (Gaia Hoerner)  
Advisor Hideo Nakashima President, Nakashima Co., Ltd.